The Chariot – One Wing

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Band: The Chariot
Album: One Wing (listen here)
Release Date: August 2012
Label: Good Fight Music

This band has been pushing the boundaries of live performance for many years. For real, if you want to see the most intense live show of your life, go see The Chariot. But on their newest album, One Wing, they are pushing the boundaries of music as well. One Wing is the fifth studio album from this Atlanta based band. It has been proclaimed by the band as their weirdest album yet, which is really saying something for a band that has large chunks of mostly feedback in more than a few of their songs. Front man Josh Scogin says that their producer Matt Goldman, who has done all of The Chariots studio albums, is ‘always down for goofy, weird stuff that may or may not be a good idea’.

Although I loved the no pain no gain, bleeding from the ears, get loud or die trying philosophy to their previous albums, I was really struck by the more melodic and lyrical approach they took for One Wing without losing an ounce of intensity. I get the sense that this is what they have been working towards. Admittedly though, one of the first things that struck me even before listening to the music is the track list. The ten track album song titles spell out a ten word phrase: Side A: ‘Forget’ ‘Not’ ‘Your’ ‘First’ ‘Love’ Side B ‘Speak’ ‘In’ ‘Tongues’ ‘And’ ‘Cheek’. I have never known another band to utilize the track list in this way, and I think is a perfect example of their nothing-is-off-limits attitude.

The three highlight songs for me are ‘First’, ‘Speak’, and ‘Cheek’. ‘First’ and ‘Speak’ really push the boundaries of where metal can go as a genre. As these tracks state, The Chariot believes that metal can go wherever it darn well pleases. `First` is the only metal song that I can think of that sounds like it came out of the Wild Wild West. `Speak` consists solely of piano and the screams of a man begging for all humanity to listen. This is the first time on the album that you really hear the religious convictions of Scogin and the band, making their plea for humanity to beg for forgiveness. ‘Cheek’ is truly beautiful, and it is the first time a song has made me cry. If I try to describe the song it could ruin the moment, so I’ll stop here.

- What shapes who you are as a person (your attitude, actions, words)?
- What things do you put your hope and trust in?
- What do you think your life’s purpose is?
- How are you meant to interact with the society around you?
- Have you heard this album? If so, what do you think?

This album reveals a reluctance to be shaped by our society, but an ultimate hope for humanity. Every human in the world was created by God and in God’s image. This album really reminded me that people are not my enemies; my enemies are the forces of evil that oppose the will of God. Let’s join with The Chariot in screaming our lungs out for all of humanity to turn to God and be liberated!

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:: by Jared Braund of Vancouver, BC
I’m a student of The War College in downtown Vancouver, living in the 614 community, pursuing God in the poor of the Downtown Eastside. I’m currently living out my passion for the janitorial arts, but would one day like to be a writer.

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