Canadian Perspective Sweden 2010

The big World Youth Convention in Stockholm, Sweden with 1,000 young Salvation Army people from over 90 countries is officially over BUT NOT DONE! In fact, it is hopefully just the beginning of young people from all over the world working together, praying and seeking justice and God’s will to be done here on earth […]

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Sweden 2010 – Jail Accommodations

APPROPRIATE ACCOMMODATIONS? Jared and the boys from MORE in Australia give us a funny tour of their accommodations from World Youth Convention in Sweden. Hey Jared. Sooooo, you’re from Australia right? The history of your homeland is that it was a place where prisoners were sent to be removed from society right? Your accommodations were […]


India & Australia Send Their Love

FRIDAY – DAY 2 We grabbed the laptop and took it with us today to get some of our new friends on video! They wanted to say hi to Canada and send some love our way. These shots were taken after the evening Q&A time with the General and Commissioner. We had a sweet time […]

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From Congo With Love

CONGO Here’s a short clip of some of our friends from Congo, Africa from Thursday morning here in Sweden. We’re staying at the same hostel. This mornings breakfast they broke out into an impromptu song. They are a great bunch of people! Please keep them and all of us in prayer during our World Youth […]

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