Practicing Silence

SURROUNDED BY NOISE Most mornings I wake up to the sound of the local radio station coming from my clock radio. If I’m really tired, I sleep until the “sounds of spring” ring-tone blares from my cell phone. I keep the radio on as I get ready to leave the house and then I get […]

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What’s Your Prayer Style?

WHAT DO I SAY? For some people, conversation comes naturally. With little effort, they can talk for hours to almost anyone. You probably know someone like this. The person who can chat with total strangers in line ups or gets into a discussion with great uncle what’s-his-name at family gatherings over the vegetable platter. Certain […]

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Talkin’ With God

What can you not do without? Shopping or a bit of PS3? If we are talking survival you wouldn’t go far without water and food. Water helps regulate your body temperature, carries energy, and helps expel waste. Gross but true. If you don’t eat regular healthy meals, then your body begins to suffer and it […]

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WTB! (What The Bible)

God has and is always trying to reveal himself to us. He does that through creation – go out tonight and check out the stars (God of the telescope) or check out one of those CSI type TV shows and notice the complexity of the human body (God of the microscope). He also speaks through […]

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