Prairie YT 2015

Prairie youth will be converging soon for an amazing weekend of worship, fellowship and fun! Our guest speakers for the weekend are Cadets Curtis and Erin Metcalf who are presently starting their 2nd year at CFOT. Pastor Andy Vincent who is presently a youth pastor in Bishop Falls, Newfoundland and his band will be leading worship. […]

Winter Youth Retreat – Prairies

The Prairie Winter Youth Retreat is coming up soon, with special guest Laura Bronson! Get your application in fast #LiveRight2015 DATE: 6-8 March, 2015 LOCATION: Royal Oak Inns and Suites, Brandon, MB COST: $140 OPEN TO: 13-25 (Must be in grade 7) MORE INFO: Lesley DOWNLOADS: Application | Poster DEADLINE: February 6, 2015


Time To Be Holy – Prairie

Join us in Winnipeg for four days of teaching, service, and worship. ‘Time To Be Holy’ is a gathering for those looking to go deeper in their relationship with Christ. This is not an event for the faint of heart. It will challenge the depths of your commitment to Christ and transform how you live […]

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Catching Fire – Prairies Winter Retreat 2014

Join your friends from across Manitoba & Saskatchewan as you gather at Circle Square Ranch in Austin, MB for a weekend filled with fun, laughter, dancing, singing, cross-country skiing, skating, seeking God, being spiritually formed… DATE: March 7-9, 2014 LOCATION: Circle Square Ranch, Austin, MB COST: $110 OPEN TO: grades 7-12 MORE INFO: Greg DOWNLOADS: […]


Awake My Soul – Prairie YT2013

Join your tribe from across Saskatchewan and Manitoba for another great retreat weekend at Beaver Creek camp! See old friends and make new ones as you play games, sing, interact and explore the the theme of ‘Awake My Soul!’ DATE: October 11-13, 2013 LOCATION: Beaver Creek Camp COST: $125 OPEN TO: Grades 7-12 MORE INFO: […]

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Pray For Beaver Creek Staff ’13

Please join us in praying for Beaver Creek camp staff this summer! CAMP STAFF 2013 Katie, Brianna, Kevin, Jenny, Craig, Heidi, Ray, Bev, Manny, David, Samuel, Hope, Mackenzie, Samantha, Jessica, CJ, Billy, Nick, Kevin, Markus, Sarah, Sarah, Veronica, Laura, Talitha, Alicia, Shirley, Jamelia, Michaela, Debra & Peter, Kristian & Lesley Simms (camp/divisional leaders) PRAY FOR: […]

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Pray for Beaver Creek Staff ’12

Please join us in praying for Beaver Creek staff this summer! CAMP STAFF 2012 Kevin, Billy, Markus, Michaela, Jenny, Angelina, Jessica, Nora, Ray, Charles, Craig, Austin, Sarah, Candace, David, Heidi, Beverly, Robyn, Talitha, Brianna, Bhreagh, Daniel, Katie, Erin, Alyshia, Nick, Adam, Kevin, Carol & Murdy Hutton, Mark & jodi Dunstan – DYS PRAY FOR: – […]

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Prairies – Winter Retreat

Wooohooo it’s winter retreat weekend again! Come hang out at Camp Arnes for the weekend with friends and make new one. Not only will you have a blast, you’ll also talk about L-O-V-E. Not in a pop culture, wishy washy way but in the context of God’s love being limitless… without end! Now that’s some […]

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Prairies Youth Retreat 2011

Our theme this year is Radically Connected! Over the weekend we’ll help you radically connect with God through the bible and passionate teaching, personal prayer and worship and interacting with others and enjoying creation. Did we also mention that we’re goin’ to a TOBY MAC concert?????!!!!!! Our heart and prayer is that you’ll come away […]

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‘Unlock Your Mission’ Wknd 2010

Our first mission weekend was held on March 5th-7th, 2010, at the Beaver Creek Camp and was entitled “Unlock Your Mission.” The ‘mission trip’ for this year is our Kidz Konnect (Junior Youth Councils for Saskatchewan children also to be held at the Beaver Creek Camp at the end of April). Below is how the […]


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