Heroes: Angel of Amsterdam

HERO: Alida Margaret Bosshardt Years Fighting: 1913-2007 Hero ID: The Major & Angel of Amsterdam Mission: Love the orphans, prostitutes, addicts and homeless Strength: undercover work, stirring up media mania, loving the unloved Alida Margaret Bosshardt was born in Utrecht, the Netherlands in 1913 and grew up as an ‘ordinary’ girl. Her parents ran a […]

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Heroes: Herbert Lord

HERO: Herbert Lord Years Fighting: (In Korea) 1910-1935 and 1948-1951 Hero ID: The Commissioner Mission: Serve TSA as a pioneer Officer in Korea, Never Abandon your Post Strength: Advocacy, Courage in the face of death, Sacrifice Commissioner Lord is probably the least known of all our heroes we’ve profiled. If you Google his name, you’ll […]

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Heroes: George Scott Railton

HERO: George Scott Railton Years Fighting: 1868-1913 Hero ID: Soldier Saint Mission: Total sacrifice to win the war against Satan Strength: self-sacrifice, superhuman language decoder, passion and conviction, holiness, unwavering loyalty Ten years old, stricken with cholera, alone at home, and convinced he was going to die, George Scott Railton prayed eagerly for God’s forgiveness. […]


Heroes: Elijah Cadman

Hero: Commissioner Elijah Cadman Years Fighting: 1876-1927 Hero ID: Fiery ‘Lijah Mission: Pioneer TSA within England and around the world Strength: Sacrifice, Innovation, Commitment A ROUGH START Some heroes start as ordinary people. Some start by being exposed to crazy chemicals or bio-engineered insects. You’d be hard pressed to find a heroic man whose life […]


Heroes: 1800’s Abolitionist Trio

HERO: Bramwell Booth, W.T. Stead, & Rebecca Jarrett Years Fighting: Varies Hero ID: The Maiden Tribute Squad Mission: Expose Injustice, Raise Awareness, Change Laws Strength: Courageous, Self-Sacrificing, Champions 19th century London, England was no place for a picnic. Sure some people had picnics, but the reason The Salvation Army grew so rapidly in its inception […]

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Heroes: James Barker

HERO: James Barker Years Fighting: 1850′s – 1901 Hero ID: The Colonel Mission: Expose Injustice and Effect Social Reforms Strength: Passion, Energy, Publicity, Creativity James Barker grew up in the English town of Ipswich, but moved to London in his early twenties to work for the Oxford University Printing Press. While riding a double-decker bus […]

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Heroes: Sarah Beaty

Heroes: Captain Sarah Beaty Years Fighting: July 1865- 1889 Hero ID: Lady-Ranter Mission: Share God’s word & love with the hardest on the street Strength: Fearlessness, Compassion, Total Sacrifice Sarah King grew up in London’s notorious East End, where alcoholism ravaged society. Few men worked and many bars had stairs up to their stools so […]

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Heroes: Eliza Shirley

HERO: Eliza Shirley Years fighting: 1863-1932 Hero ID: Hallelujah Lassie Mission: Pioneered The Salvation Army in the USA Strength: Zeal, Self-starter, Courage, Risk-taker At the age of 15, Eliza Shirley- a minister’s kid living in Coventry, England- saw The Salvation Army (TSA) march through town. She was especially impressed by the women (called ‘Hallelujah Lassies’) […]


Heroes: Doughnut Girls

HEROES: Doughnut Girls years fighting: 1889-1984 (Helen) hero id: Doughnut Girls mission: be love, compassion & mercy in the midst of literal war strength: Courage, Hospitality, Compassion WARTIME ENLISTING Picture this… it’s Spring 1917 and America has just entered World War I fighting. Mud, bullets, explosions, blood, death and fear were all round. Into that […]

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Heroes: Joe The Turk

HERO: JOE THE TURK years fighting: 1860-1937 hero id: Joe The Turk mission: be novel, creative and do whatever it takes to attract attention to Jesus strength: fearless Joe’s original crib (literally his baby crib!) was in Turkey where he was born with the short, cool sounding and easy to pronounce name – Nishan Der […]

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