White Female Rapper?


XBox 360 Jesus?

Video games and the bible, do they go together? We’ll find out. Recently released for the XBox 360 is Bible Navigator X, an application that allows you to read the bible using your XBox 360 game console. Isn’t that crazy?! We can see it now. You’re chillin’ with your buds playin’ a little C.O.D. Part […]


The Book: Bible Illuminated

Book: The Book: Bible Illuminated Creator: Dag Soderberg We realized there was a huge opportunity to re-design or illuminate historical icons or products, making them more accessible, easily digestible and culturally relevant in today’s society. Today’s generations, young and old, do not just want to be given part of the message, they actually want to […]

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Love Story – the Trailer

I’m sure we all loved story time as a kid. In fact, we live in a story culture. Think about it. We pay to eat popcorn and pop while we watch a story with our date. Most of us can watch stories (either short T.V. shows or rented movies) on our big screen flat panel […]

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New Yr Resolutions – iPhone Apps

iPhone is a very cool looking phone and has great potential for killer apps to transform lives – yours and others. Lots of teens have them. We see them in the halls at school and at the mall. Do you have one? The problem we see is that it seems most apps we see y’all […]

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WTB! (What The Bible)

God has and is always trying to reveal himself to us. He does that through creation – go out tonight and check out the stars (God of the telescope) or check out one of those CSI type TV shows and notice the complexity of the human body (God of the microscope). He also speaks through […]

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