Resolution #1 – Be a Rebel

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Happy New Years everyone!

We hope and pray you had an enjoyable Christmas season and were able to be still and know & contemplate that the baby in the manger was GOD! We also trust it was good to have family, friend and fun time without so much school and work getting in the way.

Soooo….. what did you do for New Year’s? Did you make any resolutions for this year? We spent some time pondering resolutions and have put together a list for you that we’ll share over the coming weeks. Today we’ll just share our first one with you.

New Year’s Resolution #1 – Be A Rebel!

Huh???? What????? Are we actually suggesting that you be a rebel???? YES!!!!!!!!

Hang on, before you go run off and do something foolish that’ll get you hurt or in trouble with the folks, let us clarify what we mean. Check out these song lyrics below from a hip hip guy called Lecrae (watch/listen here).

YOU ARE JUST A CONFORMIST, if you are drunk & naked, driving around on loud motorcycles, smoking cigarettes and breaking commandments, and getting pregnant out of wed-lock. Everyone has done that. It is so tired. If you really want to be a rebel read your bible, because no one is doing that…. that’s rebellion that’s the only rebellion left.

What do you think about that quote? Does it accurately portray any aspect of your life? Be honest. How about the lives of kids you go to school with? What other things could you add that people conform to and do?

I (Clint) am fairly connected with a local high school and the youth and I can say that unfortunately this quote is fairly accurate for an increasing number of young people. I think you could also add getting high, being sexually active, dating, addicted to social networking and texting, checking out porn and being consumeristic (need to buy stuff). Would you disagree?

So… that’s why we’re encouraging you to buck the trend. Be a rebel. Be counter-cultural. If you’re a Christian, don’t just say you are and go to church or youth group… live it out. Dive into the bible. It’s an amazing book. If you don’t have one and say you can’t afford one, we’ll send you one. If you can’t or won’t read then there’s good news, you can listen to it! Yep, we know you live with your ear buds in anyhow so you can pump the bible straight to your brain if ya want. No excuses for not being a rebel in 2011 except being lazy and/or not wanting to.

What do you say? Are you in?

bible – online | .mp3
iPhone / iTouch app
bible overview – read | listen (good for new Christian or first-timers)
reading plans

We’re not dumb, we understand that it’s a struggle not to conform and we want you to know that we want to help you if you want it. Give us a shout and we’ll connect to chat using some handy dandy technology. Sound good?

Now…. go start being a rebel!

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