Catch Fire

Catch Fire [rsrcs]

Have you ever been in a stuffy room (school, home, work, church building…) or confined space and found it hard to breathe? Like there wasn’t enough oxygen or something and you can’t wait to get outside. At the first available opportunity you bust outta there and make a b-line for the outdoors. As you step outside, you take a big deep breath. The air is refreshing and at the first big breath you feel better already.

You know what we’re talking about.

Like fire, we too require oxygen to flourish, live and grow. We recognize in your life you may feel like you (and/or others you know) are in a stuffy room and you need some fresh air. Hopefully these resources will be like getting you (and them) outside to breathe in clean fresh oxygen. These resources will bring life and nourishment to your spirit and form you spiritually.

We’ll do our best to continue posting helpful resources here for you. Use them for yourself and share them with your friends and others.

Check back frequently, download and use the resources, breathe deeply, feel great, be formed.

Living As Children of Light

Audio MP3

Spoken word – Living as Children of Light (link to MP3)
God’s Love Story – link to MP3

Write Your Survivor Story – worksheet [72 kb .pdf]
Life Changing Resolutions – top 10 [88kb .pdf]
Bible Reading Plans – couple diff’t two week plans for checking out in the bible [76 kb]
Show/Teach/Change – small card with helpful q’s to ask when reading a chunk of the bible to get the most out it. [640 kb]
Bible At Glance – 1/2 pg pt form overview of entire bible [364 kb]
Awareness Examen – 1/2 pg 5 steps for silent reflection based on Ignatius of Loyola’s Awareness Examen [197 kb]
Small Group Guides
A.C.T.S Prayer – 1/2 pg 4 pt guide for prayer time [164 kb]

Jesus Walks – on-line, image based, self-paced journey you click through with reflection at end [40 images]
Easter Journey – on-line flash video based journey highlighting Jesus’ last week before being killed [8 videos]
Stations of the Cross – on-line, image based, self-paced journey you click through with reflection at end [14 images]

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