Life @ Camp – Week 4

by in Action

Life at Camp 2009 week 4We carry on with our weekly posts this summer from ‘Peaches’, a staff member at Camp Mountainview in the Northern part of BC who gives us a glimpse into the world of working at summer camp.
Well week four was so much fun. I wasn’t a counselor this week. Instead I had fun working in the office with Karley as the Assistant Program Director. Her and I haven’t had much time to hang out since June when we were working together traveling around on Youth Service Corp. I got to plan the schedule for Creative Arts week. I loved being the assistant this week. From the outside looking in, it looks like assistant doesn’t do a whole lot of work but when I was doing this job there was lots that needed to be done that I didn’t see being a counselor. I think that I owe Karley a HUGE thank you for all the work she does by herself. The job she has this summer is so stressful that I really didn’t give her enough credit. I LOVE YOU Karley!

I got to be the Princess of Clean and check all the cabins to see how clean they were after cabin clean up. It was cool because I got to wear a robe and a little crown. It was a little weird though going into the guys cabins because normally we’re not allowed to go in there.

This week I felt I got so much more closer to God as I was able spend a lot of time with Him which included sitting around and just talking to Him. I think it was helpful that I didn’t have to worry about kids all the time this week or make sure there is someone with girls in my cabin. I love singing as part of my worship of God. My favourite songs this week were Mercy, Cast Your Burdens, Breathe, and Trading My Sorrows.

That’s it for this week. It’s a short one. See you next week.

Peaches:: :: by Katherine (a.k.a ‘Peaches’) of Gitwinksihlkw, BC

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