Life @ Camp – Week 3

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Life at Camp 2009 week 3We carry on with our weekly posts this summer from ‘Peaches’, a staff member at Camp Mountainview in the Northern part of BC who gives us a glimpse into the world of working at summer camp.
This week was exciting AND crazy as it was our biggest camp yet this summer with 61 campers! I think it went by as smooth as it could go given the number of campers and I maintained my sanity through it. Since I’m also the camp medic, I was crazy busy trying to be a counselor and medic and was going from sitting in on activities to patching up kids. As busy as it was, I love being the medic partially because of the conversations you have with the children as they tell you the amazing story of how they got their injury.

This week was kinda hard living in community. I hated always telling the other staff that we need to be with the kids. It seem like that phrase was on constant repeat and didn’t know how to stop. There’s also other drama going on that’s not my favorite thing but we are all living together and we all have issues (at camp and away from camp) that we have to deal with and try to make the best of our situations.

The tee pee night went so good. The boys pulled a really good prank on the girls from our cabin. They took our girls shoes and switched them with the other girls tee pee. Then they took a girls pillow while she was still awake. She tried to hold it but was no match for the counselor. As the young girl lost her pillow she got up and said “Peaches, something took my pillow and I tried to fight back.” So I got up and trying my best not to laugh went outside knowing that it was the male counselors. The counselor pretended to be me and made a girl’s voice saying, “HELP, HELP something’s got me!” Then they ran around the tee pee banging on the side and making bear noises. It was great until our girls freaked out and started crying.

I found it a little harder this week for me to see what God was doing amongst us. One thing that stands out for me right now is that each day during worship in song we let a few kids sing with me. I thought it was AMAZING to see the kids come excited and really wanting to sing with a mic even though some just wanted to hold the mic cause they felt more important. Even still, this was totally OK with me. They all did a great job. It was also really amazing to see how much of the bible lessons they remembered from day to day. I thought that being a bigger group with more distractions that no one would remember what Apple – the counselor – talked about. But I was amazed because even with all the distractions, they still remembered. I did spend some time with God during devotions each night and in prayer when I could through the day.

This week was a hard week. There’s a night during the week that sometimes is referred to as Decision night. That’s because whether it’s at the campfire, tee pees or just sitting with a staff member, campers are invited to consider how they are living their lives and given the invite to follow God. That night we had a lot of hurting kids hurting. Some were missing their parents, others were missing family members who died and even others were working through feelings from being abused. I had a chance to connect with one of the campers who was being abused and was able to share a bit from my own story. I also made sure they knew it wasn’t their fault. It was so hard for me to tell my story but the person I talked to was so happy to discover that they were not the only one this has happened to. It made me feel a little bit better that I was able to help someone in a situation that I had already gone through, and show that u can still live after it is all done. I was really encouraged this week by all the love and compassion these kids showed for each other. They were able to go to each other and comfort one another.

Well, that is all I have to write for now. Have a great week and I will write again next week.

Peaches:: :: by Katherine (a.k.a ‘Peaches’) of Gitwinksihlkw, BC

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