Give It Up – Lent 2009

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Lent 2009
Have you ever heard someone talking about Lent? Maybe you heard in on the bus, saw something about it mentioned on the T.V. or read it on someone’s Facebook status but you’re not really sure what the deal is. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Hopefully this will help you out.

Lent is a 40 weekday period of time of fasting and prayer leading up to Easter. It officially starts on a Wednesday called Ash Wednesday. For this year, it started last Wednesday, February 25. Given that the focus of Easter is on the death & resurrection of Jesus the God man, the forty days before that which is Lent represent the time (forty days) that Jesus spent in desert wilderness where he fasted, prayed and was tempted or tested. Check out the bible story here. Lent wasn’t practiced in the bible but it’s been a custom practiced by many Christians for most of the last two thousand years.

Because Jesus’ wilderness experience was marked with discipline, fasting, prayer and deprivation, people usually practice these things during the Lent season. Often times people will ‘fast from’ or give up certain foods or habits that they enjoy. Maybe you’ve heard of people giving up T.V., gaming, internet, Facebook, fast food, going to the movies or texting. It’s a good time of year to think about our lives and reflect on our dreams, purpose and what things drive us.

Could you give something up for 5 or 6 weeks? Give up texting or Facebook… betcha can’t (or won’t)!

Go on an On-line Lent Journey
Maybe you’ll give up something or maybe you won’t. How about taking our on-line Lent journey and wander the desert with Jesus! If you’re not really sure about this Jesus the God man guy, give the journey a shot anyhow. What have you got to lose? It could be a cool experience.

Follow the link below for an illustrated, image driven journey with Jesus that depicts what it might have been like as he wandered the desert. There’s no text, just an image to represent each day Jesus spent in the wilderness.

Tips to Maximize Your Journey:
- slow down (it’s not a race!).
- get comfy, quiet and remove distractions from around you (power off cell & ditch mp3 player)
- pay attention to your emotions & thoughts as you journey along.
- jot down/journal some of your emotions & thoughts as you go.
- share your feelings, thoughts & reflections with us on the last post after you’re done.
- go slow (did we mention this already?!).

(*illustrated by Si Smith and discovered at
Read about Jesus’ 40 day desert story in the bible – Matthew 4:1-11)

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