Know Your Camps #4

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We’re heading east this time to hear from Newfoundland! Remember, if you’re interested in applying to work at any Salvation Army summer camps, you can get your application HERE!

There are two Salvation Army camps operating in Newfoundland: Camp Starrigan opened in 1979, while Twin Ponds Camp began in 1988, and they’ve been hosting amazing summers ever since! Here’s Kathryn to tell us about her experience:

For 20 years the Salvation Army camps in Newfoundland have been a huge aspect of my life. Ever since I can remember, I’ve said that one day I would work at camp and in 2011 I finally became a part of camp staff! Since that year I have been back every summer and have worked as a cabin counsellor and as Program Director! Camp is a life-changing experience no matter what role you’re in; camper or staff member. During my time on staff, I have experienced SO many amazing things and have seen firsthand the impact camp can have on a child’s life! From seeing how excited the campers are to learn about God and witnessing children share their own testimonies and accept God into their lives, it is easy to feel 100% blessed and proud to work as a part of camp staff. Each year I have had the opportunity to see children grow and mature both physically and spiritually.  There have been campers that started as a junior in my cabin at the age of 7 and are now campers at teen camp – each year bringing new friends and countless memories of past summers!

With fellow staff members, the opportunity to bond together and support each other is very rewarding. From sharing tips on how to ease a homesick camper’s mind to helping each other grow in our own faith, the friendships made while on camp staff will last a lifetime!

SANL camping has always been the highlight of my summers and I am confident that it will continue to play an important role in my life. I’m a firm believer that Salvation Army Camps can change lives, I know it changed mine!

There you have it! If a summer on the Rock sounds like fun, head HERE to get your camp staff application :)


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