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Know Your Camps #2

And here are the answers for last week’s pop quiz:

  1. How many Salvation Army camps are there in Canada? There are ten SA camps currently in use, but The Salvation Army also still owns Camp Silver Birches in NL, which makes eleven.
  2. Can you name all the SA camps in Canada? Camp Sunrise, Camp Mountainview, Pine Lake Camp, Beaver Creek Camp, Newport Adventure Camp, Jackson’s Point Camps, Camp Lac L’Achigan, Scotian Glen Camp, Twin Ponds Camp, Camp Starrigan, Camp Silver Birches.
  3. Which province or territory has the most SA camps? That would be NL, with three!
  4. Which SA camp is the oldest? Jackson’s Point Camps has been owned by The Salvation Army since 1917, and camps have been run there since 1907.
  5. Which SA camp is the BEST? OBVIOUSLY it’s Newport Adventure Camp! (ducks from all the objects thrown) Kidding, any camp was accepted for this question!

I’m seriously wondering if anyone HAS been to all the camps… Can I dare someone to try to work at all 10 operational SA camps? :D

This week we’re continuing our camp saga with Camp Lac L’Achigan in Quebec! L’Achigan was established in 1933, and runs camps in three languages (!!!). Activities on site include low ropes, beachfront and various sports. I went to L’Achigan for a whole week once, and totally learned some Spanish while I was there… but maybe Sarah-Ève and Gabe have a better take on things:

Awesome! This is too small a word to describe what Lac L’Achigan is like. Lac L’Achigan for me is the place where for the first time someone believed in my potential to serve The Lord even at a young age : I was 14 years old the first year I worked there. Lac L’Achigan was the first time that I really realized that I needed Jesus in my Life!

One time, a couple years ago, some staff and I just danced in the presence of God with some worship music, it was the most powerful moment. One staff member was there and she had a lot to battle in her mind and during this time of worship/dance, Jesus set her free! It was crazy! At Lac L’Achigan, I saw people who were sick and Jesus just healed them. I saw my kids (I was their counsellor) and now they serve The Lord with me! I met some strangers and now they are my best friends and we grow together in Jesus and do ministry together. At Lac L’Achigan, lives are transformed for sure!

My life would not be the same without Lac L’Achigan. I know that if Jesus didn’t bring me to this camp, I would not be in BC to serve The Lord full-time at my young age now, and I would not be in Hawaii next year because people there just poured out in me! I know this camp will make a lot of young leaders for this generation, not the next, but right now! Lac L’Achigan is more than awesome because of all the things I’ve mentioned! Lac L’Achigan = camp that builds amazing leaders for Quebec and for the whole world. (Sarah-Ève)

Je pense que le camp lac l’achigan est génial car c’est l’occasion de se faire de nouveaux amis et de faire l’expérience de dieu entouré de jeunes comme vous .Il nous permet de créé des lien qui dure et c’est ça l’esprit du camps. Pour cela , je pense que le camp lac l’achigan est le meilleur pour vous .

That’s CRAZY intense! It’s so rewarding to see a passion for camp passed on to the kids you’re responsible for. Add in leadership development, language skills and a fire for God, and that’s Camp L’Achigan in a nutshell. Maybe next year you’ll be joining them?

If you want to learn more about Lac L’Achigan, check out their website:

www.camplaclachigan.ca [1]

QCtestimonies [2]