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Know Your Camps #1

All right everyone! It’s time for a pop quiz. How well do you know your camps?

  1. How many Salvation Army camps are there in Canada?
  2. Can you name all the SA camps in Canada?
  3. Which province or territory has the most SA camps?
  4. Which SA camp is the oldest?
  5. Which SA camp is the BEST?

Okay that last one might be a bit biased!! How can you REALLY know which camp is the best in Canada – have you BEEN to all of them?

This week we’re going to begin taking a look at all the camps across Canada, starting with Camp Sunrise in Beautiful British Columbia! Camp Sunrise was established in 1925, and has a whole bunch of fantastic activities, including high ropes, rock climbing and waterfront activities. I haven’t actually been to Camp Sunrise, so I’ll leave the testimonials to Kali – Senior Counsellor at Sunrise in 2014:

I have never felt more at home than when I am at Camp Sunrise. The smell of the ocean, the pier, the feeling I get when walking into the chapel, the familiar faces and even the warm smiles from strangers. God’s presence is evident at Camp Sunrise, evident in the creation it is surrounded by – but also in His people that serve, work and live there.

Having the opportunity to attend this camp since I was very young, and then being able to work there these past few years has given me two different but great perspectives. As a camper, I had many amazing counsellors and leaders to look up to. People that made me laugh but also people that pointed me to Jesus and taught me about who He is and how to love like Him.

As a staff member, I was looking forward to doing the same for my campers. Little did I realize that they would end up being the ones who had a part in changing my own life! They taught me compassion, patience, confidence and true faithfulness. I have felt blessed to be a staff member alongside many incredible people. Every summer has helped us become unified and like a family as we spend time in prayer, in His word and serving Him together.

If you are looking for a sense of community, to be pushed out of your comfort zone, to grow in your relationship with God but also others, I really encourage you to apply at Camp Sunrise!

So there you have it! Amazing scenery, awesome opportunities and a fantastic staff! Maybe next year you’ll be joining them?

If you want to learn more about Camp Sunrise, check out their website:

www.campsunrise.ca [1]

CanoeSunrise [2]