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Baby Jesus in I.C.UDecember focus on HIV/AIDS

Some children are living with HIV and AIDS because they contracted it from their mothers during childbirth or from breast milk. Feel free to pray these prayers by yourself, with some friends or leave a typed prayer on the prayer wall or added as a comment to this post.

  • Pray for these kids as they face enormous health problems, stigma, and uncertainty about long they have to live.
  • Pray for good health, good social support, and peace.

Some kids are caring for parents or other relatives who are very sick from AIDS.

  • Pray for these children as they balance school with responsibilities at home and caring for their parents.
  • Pray for them as they face emotional trauma and try to cope with being forced into adulthood and the impending loss of their parents.
  • Pray for strength, energy and peace.

Others have been orphaned due to AIDS. Pray for these children, who often need to take care of younger siblings as they grieve their parents.

  • Pray for the many kids who need to leave school in order to make money to survive.
  • Pray for protection against sexual predators who will try to take advantage of the kids’ economic and emotional vulnerability.
  • Pray for leadership, wisdom, and safety.

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Drop by next Friday for another post with prayer focuses.

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