Justice League – Fightin’ Friday

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Baby Jesus in I.C.UDecember focus on HIV/AIDS

  1. Community & Hope
    There is still stigma and discrimination against those who have HIV or AIDS. Pray that there will be an end to discrimination. Pray that people living with HIV or AIDS would have support from their families, friends, churches and communities. When people have this type of emotional and social support, they can live positively and with hope.
  2. Life & Death
    AIDS destroys a person’s health, which means they can no longer work or take care of their families. Pray that people living with HIV and AIDS would feel wholeness in body, mind, soul and spirit. Pray that people with AIDS would have peace and wisdom concerning end-of-life issues.
  3. Medicine & Health
    Although there is no cure for HIV or AIDS, there are drugs that can sustain people’s lives for years, keeping them healthy and strong. Pray that people would have access to Anti-Retroviral Therapies as well as nutritious foods.

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