Jesus Walks – Passion Week 2010

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Passion Week 2010 - Jesus WalksHappy Easter! Easter is about bunnies, chocolates and hunting for treats. It’s also about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. No matter what song you sing to, we’ve got a cool track for you to listen to for Easter 2010.

The last week leading up to Easter Sunday is commonly referred to in the Christian Church as ‘Passion Week’ or ‘Holy Week.’ It’s the last week of Jesus’ life before they murder him on the cross. Maybe you’ve heard references to these holiday names but you have no idea what they mean. Perhaps you’ve had your ear buds permanently glued in your ears and haven’t heard these terms at all. No worries either way, we can help. Passion week is the last week of Lent. Here’s the layout of Jesus’ crazy last week:

Palm Sunday
Jesus’s grand entrance into Jerusalem – the religious epicentre for worship of creator God – on a donkey!

Holy(or Maundy) Thursday
Jesus’ last meal with his friends. After dinner he hits a local garden where he’s stabbed in the back (not literally but betrayed) by a “buddy” and then seized/arrested!

Good Friday
Interesting name don’t you think for the day Jesus is hung up on the cross to die? He dies this day. D-E-A-D dead.

Jesus the dead man gets wrapped up in his death pj’s or ‘clothes’ and ‘buried’ (more accurately – ‘placed’) in a tomb.

Easter Sunday
Jesus comes back to life from the dead! Full on skin & bones, no ghost or apparition.

Imagine… what was that last week in Jesus’ life like? Who did he see? Talk with? What was he saying? His friends saying? Others? What was he feeling? Thinking?

Starting Sunday, March 28, 2010 take an on-line journey with us through the last week of Jesus’ life and explore these questions! Enter into this amazing story and listen to it from a few different angles. Even if you’re not entirely sure about this Jesus the God man guy it will be an interesting experience for you anyhow.

Tips to Maximize Your Journey:
- slow down, it’s not a race.
- get comfy, quiet and remove distractions from around you (power off your cell & ditch your mp3 player)
- pay attention to what you are thinking and feeling as you journey along.
- share your feelings, thoughts & reflections with us on each post as you go.
- go slow (did we mention this already?!).

Start Journey Here

(*Flash journey created by SGMLifewords. See http://www.sgmlifewords/easter
Read in the bible about Jesus’ last week before dying – see Matthew 21 & 26-28, Mark 11 & 14-16, Luke 19 & 22-24, John 12 & 18-21)

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