I’ll Fight Day 2016

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I’ll Fight Day is a Salvation Army youth servant evangelism day that will take place all across the world. It’s a way for you to share the Gospel through practical acts of kindness: like giving out free hot chocolate, returning shopping carts or cleaning up at a mall food court. These acts are done to share God’s love so that others will want to ask “Why are you doing this??” It’s an opportunity to surprise people with God’s love!

I’ll Fight Day happens in your own city, neighborhood, corps, local mall, parking lot, intersection – wherever you can plant the seeds of revolution! Use this website as a resource for ideas, but I’ll Fight Day is what you make of it, right where you already are!

The opportunities are endless for you to show the love of Christ in practical ways and help identify the Kingdom of God in your community. I’ll fight to the very end! Will you?

DATE: December 3, 2016

LOCATION: Anywhere!
COST: depends on how you choose to serve
MORE INFO & DETAILS: Event webpage

DOWNLOAD PICS:   English  |  French  (right click on the image when it opens, and click “Save Image As”)


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