Fit For A King – Creation Destruction

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Band: Fit For A King
Album: Creation/Destruction (listen here)
Release Date: March 2013
Label: Solid State Records

Fit For A King has just released their label debut on Solid State Records March 12th of this year. It is a powerful album that will surely establish them as serious players in the Christian metal scene. Residing in Tyler, Texas, Fit for a King have already made a name for themselves by performing at all the big Christian metal festivals, and working hard to make good music and increase their fan base. They have worked hard as an independent band for a few years now and only after having their own success have they gone the way of a record label to really break into the inner circle. They can now be known on the same level as other solid state talent like Underoath, August Burns Red, Demon Hunter and many more.

Creation/Destruction has a vicious intensity to it. Vocalist Ryan Kirby shows a lot of growth from previous releases with an incredible vocal range from high pitched shrieks to growls from the depths of his gut. The back-up vocals, typically weak in the metalcore genre, are quite impressive and maintain an intensity that most lose when incorporating singing between the screaming. The album’s production value is high, which allows the intense and unforgiving drums, guitar and bass to sound clean and concise.

A lot of the songs on this album have a recurring theme of recognizing our own depravity and begging God for forgiveness. The first two tracks on the album, Warpath and Hollow King talk about the lies of the world. But the song Bitter End quickly follows up with us screaming out that This is my breaking point, this will not be my bitter end. This song is all about confessing our sin and acknowledging that we cannot continue without God in our lives. After this intense confessional, Skin and Bones follows up with the one and only slow song on the album. It is an entirely electronic track with clean vocals over top, and it is essentially a prayer for forgiveness. It is a beautiful contrast to the rest of the album and continues the theme of words being a source of creation as well as destruction. The next three songs: Resistance, Identity, and The Lioness sort of follow a path of the Christian life. Resistance is a very prophetic song about speaking against lies and against Satan, showing the intensity of a passionate Christian. Identity and The Lioness are all about the struggles of faith, and trying to hold on to God while the world pulls us down. But the last two songs Eyes to See, and Destruction take one last positive turn. Eyes to See is an encouraging song about asking God for a sign to strengthen our faith, and then quickly realizing that God has been beside us the entire time we just haven’t been able to see. One of my favourite lines from the album is in this song: If seeing is believing, give me eyes to see. Destruction like Resistance is another prophetic declaration. Destruction is probably the heaviest and most intense song on the album, such a great way to end a very solid metal album.

Listening to this album brings a couple questions to mind that we can all ask ourselves.

  • Do I tend to hear words that tear me down and destroy me (destruction) or build me up and give me life and hope (creation)?
  • What’s the source of those words?
  • How can I better focus on hearing and listening to God’s words of life (creation) rather than the enemy’s lies of death (destruction)?
  • Do I tend to offer words of life (creation) or tear people down (destruction)?
  • How can we be better at communicating words of life (creation) to our friends who might be suffocating under lies and destruction?
  • Have you heard this album? If so, what do you think?

What spoke to me most from this album was the theme of words. There were a few songs about the lies of the enemy and how it is so easy to be dragged down and discouraged by words of Destruction. However, those songs were always contradicted by songs that were filled with life and hope. These songs are all about realizing that all life and beauty comes from God, and that one single word of life and creation from God is enough to erase the lies and destruction in our lives.

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