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2013 Training MP3′s

We believe in you, value who you are and want you to be the most competent volunteer or paid youth worker you can be! We bought these training sound bytes from the conf for all of you who couldn’t be there in person. Enjoy the gift and know that if we were with you in person we’d give you a big huge hug and thank you for all you do to ensure the faith is passed to our next generation.

Be encouraged, sharpened and blessed as you listen!

1. listen yourself for your own growth
2. Local Yth Leader? Encourage your volunteers to listen to a track then talk about it for 15 min at your next leader meeting
3. DYS? Get your divisional youth leaders to listen to a track and come to your divisional conf call prepared to talk about it


Duffy Robbins

Rick Watts

Danielle Strickland

Tony Campolo

Chap Clark


Life Hurts God Heals
Megan Hutchinson


(45 min)


(45 min)


Hidden Creeds: Sacred Secrets of Popular Culture
Iwan Russell-Jones

(45 min)




(45 min)

Hemorrhaging Faith – So What? Now What?
James Penner & Rachel Harder







Justice and Evangelism: Two Inseparable Sides of the “Gospel Coin”
Andy Harrington

thinkBIG320: Live a Life That’s Exceedingly, Abundantly, Beyond
Megan Hutchinson

Praying With Kids to the God They Hate
Derian Julihn

Connecting The Heart and Head of Young Adult Ministry
Mike Penninga

Ministry on Campus: Engaging Students in an Increasingly Hostile Culture
Geoff Stewart

A Youth Worker’s Guide to Youth Culture in Canada
Matt Wilks

The Disciple-Shift: Lifetime of Discpleship and Strength-Based Mentoring
Tim Moore

Serving Out of “You!”
Lisette Fraser

Creating Student Leaders Who Impact Their Schools
Jason Ballard

The 21st Century Exodus
Danielle Strickland

When Kids Ask for Help
Tim Houck

Inside-Out: Nourishing Your Inner Life in an Extraverted World
Cal McFarlane

Brain, Brain, Gone Away: What is (and isn’t) Going on Inside the Brain
Kelly Schwartz

Working in Chronic Crisis While Keeping Your Sanity
Joyce McElhoes

Helping Teenage Girls Become Godly Women
Sarah Stanley & Karra Overholt

Discovering Spiritual Road Markers
Garth Friesen

Seeking the Wanderer: Leading Lost Kids to Jesus
Clint Houlbrook

Connecting Well: It’s All About Relationships
Clay Imoo

A Theological Response to the Six Burdens Driving Youth Ministries
Dave Overholt

The Liberating Truth: How Jesus Empowers Women
Danielle Strickland

Launching an Effective Young Adults Ministry
Chris Throness

One – On – One Ministry: The Deep Investment of Mentoring Young Leaders
Ben Woodman

Academic Paper Presentation and Review
Ken Moser

The God of Intimacy and Action
Tony Campolo

Teaching Students to Learn the Way They Are Wired
Jason Frizzell

Keeping Them Connected: Engaging the Young Adults in Your Church
Ron Friesen

The Challenge of Church Kids
Marv Penner

Troubleshooting Trouble: Navigating the Issues of Community Youth Work
Carmen Rempel

Building a Volunteer Team for the Long Haul
Ben Johnson

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