Can I Believe The Bible?

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It’s been a few months since we’ve posted one of your burning questions. Sorry about that! Summer was busy and you weren’t surfing the site as much anyhow!

This month’s burning question is about whether or not we can believe what the bible says – in particular about Jesus.

Here are some common questions we’ve encountered in conversation with youth like you.

  1. Is the bible reliable?
  2. Can I believe what it says is true and accurate?
  3. How do I know what it says today is the same as what it said 1,000 years ago or even better – when it was written?
  4. Can I believe and trust what it says about Jesus?

These are great questions because Jesus is kinda important and to arrive at a conclusion about what we think about him and who we think he really is we have to work through questions like these.

Can you relate to these questions? Are you asking them now? Have you asked them before? Have you ever wondered about ‘Who is Jesus?’ If so, where did you go to explore answers?

Share your thoughts and comments below. Remember to be respectful of others views and insights.

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