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BOGO – Buy One GIVE One

I’m sure you’ve all seen ads for BOGO – Buy One Get One at places like Real Canadian Superstore, Sport Chek and many other large chain retailers. Many stores cheap out a bit and offer ‘buy one get one’ but it’s usually buy one full pop then get one at 1/2 price. The BOGO’s that are great are the ones that give ya a freebie when you buy one. Hang on though, what if instead of buy one GET one you buy one GIVE one. Wouldn’t that be an even better deal?

Raquel Alonso thinks so and founded her company Lozz Dozz [1] on that principal of giving/helping. She had a life-changing experience helping orphans when she was 18. Her heart stirred to want to help others even more. She had a dream (literally) and her company was born to help orphans in Zambia and Zimbabwe.

So sweet… we love how her calling/vocation became clear as she prayed for how her passion could meet a huge need in our world.

How about you? What do you think about this idea/Raquel’s story?
What are you passionate about? What need in the world really gets your attention? How might these two line up?

Check out Lozz Dozz here [1] and consider getting a shirt while you’re there!