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Take Action To Stop Trafficking

No matter your age, height, language, skin colour, IQ, social status or looks, there’s lots YOU can do to help stop human trafficking.

Here’s a few options to get you started!

  1. ‘LIKE’ I Am Traffic Jam
    Join thousands from around the world for an annual weekend of focus (prayer, fasting, conversation, awareness) for the victims of sex trafficking.
    Help to usher words into their lives like hope, joy, peace, healing, freedom, future, laughter, restoration, and dreams.
    Be a catalyst for the issue! Research Human Trafficking online, talk to your friends and others about it. Post stuff around your school, workplace and town/city, facebook, twitter, text on the issue. Do presentations at school or for your city/town council. Awareness is the first step! Check some website links here
    Share your time and finances (fundraise for more $) with organizations that are working to stop Human Trafficking. It costs something to change lives – time and $$. You have both. Use them wisely to change the world.
    Porn messes with how you view others and is based solely on self-pleasure and fantasy (read… ‘false reality’). Porn, stripping, prostitution and trick pads/brothels are all connected and drive the demand that’s at the root of the sex trafficking issue. Not everyone involved has been trafficked (tricked, coerced, manipulated, forced) but many are and that’s enough reason to avoid that scene. See XXX church
    Create or sign petitions, write your MP (government official) with your concerns regarding existing laws that need to be changed or new laws you want to see enacted to protect vulnerable people (primarily women & children). R-U in Canada? Find Bills/petitions you can sign in support here and get your local MP’s info here
    Fair Trade certified products (coffee, chocolate…) guarantee that people weren’t used and abused or trafficked to make or distribute the product. Look for the logo & buy with a clean conscience. See logo & get info here – Canada | USA | International

Tens of thousands from all over the world are taking action… will you?