Heat is the spark that ignites the fire and it’s produced by the fire that helps it grow bigger and burn with intesity.

It’s a call to action. It’s living out a faith that demands we do something. It’s about understanding the ways we can do something to positively impact the lives of people and planet around us locally, nationally & globally. Finally it’s about us actually taking action and making it happen.

This action then is meant to feed the fire burning within us, help it grow and keep it going.

So when we say heat, we’ll be talking about:

  • assessing how we’re affecting the people and planet around us locally, nationally and globally and how we’re living out our faith.
  • finding out about the needs of the people and planet around us, ways we can actively get involved and how we can live out our faith.
  • being a force of action that is actively doing something about the needs of the people and planet around us and encouraging you to join with others or start something in your area.


Heat can make or break the fire. It’s 1 of the 3 required elements for fire. The fire’s only as good as it’s ability to generate enough heat to continue burning fuel and therefore stay going.

The only thing worse than limited heat is no heat. Eliminate the heat (action) and your fire will not spread to consume surrounding fuel and thus soon die out, it’s that simple.

Try This:

Next campfire grab yourself a lengthy stick/branch (preferably dry). Bring the branch close to the fire and hold it. Adjust how close it is to the fire (without actually putting it in flames) until it ignites. This may take some trial and error and some time. Notice how hot the branch needed to get in order to light and how close it needed to be to the fire. In a spiritual sense, how ‘hot’ do you need to be and how close do you need to be to others in order to affect their lives and inspire them to action and live a life of difference.

We want to ensure that you’re actively living out your faith in a manner that makes a difference in the lives of people around you and are in close enough community with others that they too may be ignited in their passion for others.


The ‘Heat’ section of will be the primary place where the content will all explore this topic of action.

We will explore things like:

How are we affecting the people and planet around us locally, nationally and globally. How do we assess that? Why assess that? Does it matter if we’re people of action? Are we living out our faith? What does it look like to live out our faith in today’s world? Can we do big things, little things or both? Is one better than the other? What are the issues and ways you can get involved locally, nationally and globally? How do the issues change from town to town, city to city, province to province and country to country?

The STF site will help you to become more aware of the issues and be inspired to action as you interact and share ideas and stories with one another across the country. We will share video clips of people your age around the country who are taking action and living lives that count for something, that are making a positive difference in the lives of people and the planet around them. This can be anything from an individual taking a clip with their cellphone or digital camera of them and/or their friends in action or using a video camera and making a longer piece. Maybe it’s a weekly video clip from the streets of your city, from your summer at camp, a mission trip you went on or…? We’ll have regular articles that explore the issues, do interviews with people of action and hilight them in our podcasts.

These are but a few ways that we hope to inspire you to action and live your life and faith for something and someone beyond yourselves.

Ultimately, as this thing called STF burns and grows, we’re ensuring we have people of action like you to add to the fire and heat things up!

Need heat // Get heat // Be heat

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