New Yr Resolutions – iPhone Apps

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iPhone Bible ApplicationiPhone is a very cool looking phone and has great potential for killer apps to transform lives – yours and others. Lots of teens have them. We see them in the halls at school and at the mall. Do you have one? The problem we see is that it seems most apps we see y’all using are time wasters and a half inch deep. Do you disagree? What apps do you have on your phone and which ones do you find you use the most? Come on, be honest. If we were betting types (which we aren’t), but if we were, we’d put our PS3 on the line and say that you’re mostly using goofy, gamey type apps on your iPhone.

Prove us wrong. Don’t worry, if that’s the case for your iPhone habits, 2010 is a new year and you can start it off right by developing new habits.

  1. Get rid of some of your old time wasting apps
  2. Use your Christmas card money and invest in something that isn’t disposable and going to end up in the landfill one day like clothes or ‘stuff’. Download one of these apps below.

This way in 2010 you’ll start developing some spiritual habits to feed and grow your soul.

Happy New Year!

43rd Element, LLC – go to the iTunes store and check out ‘Know Your Bible’ AND ‘Spiritual Disciplines Devotional’

PS – let us know if you’ve tried one of these out and how you like it!

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