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Youth Heading to Jamaica

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Jamaica Mon!

These Salvation Army young people from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia are heading off to Kingston, Jamaica for a missions trip March 8-15th, 2013! They will be heading to a compound area run by The Salvation Army and interactions there will include working with the local church/corps, running vacation bible School, reaching out to seniors, working with the blind, visually impaired and orphaned children.

Gerry Rhyno, (Leader), Heather Rhyno (Female Chaperon), Aimy Doucette (Delegate), Amelia Rowe (Delegate), Akiho Hara (Delegate), Neil Levy-Py (Delegate), Raghan Fougere (Delegate), Breasa Gabriel (Delegate), Jesse Byers (Drama Leader), Brittany Corporon (Video/ Media leader), Mitchell Caissie (Musical and program leader)


  • Wisdom & discernment during the planning that’s taking place now
  • Hearts and minds to be prepared for what’s to come. Right attitude of heart and mind.
  • God’s hand of protection (physical, emotional, spiritual)
  • People will be open to grow spiritually being shaped and formed by God as they engage with the people in Jamaica.

Stay tuned to for more updates as the time gets closer AND while the gang is in Jamaica!

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