XBox 360 Jesus?

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XBox 360 - Bible Navigator XVideo games and the bible, do they go together?

We’ll find out. Recently released for the XBox 360 is Bible Navigator X, an application that allows you to read the bible using your XBox 360 game console. Isn’t that crazy?!

We can see it now. You’re chillin’ with your buds playin’ a little C.O.D. Part way through the mayhem and blastin’ bad guys you flip over to Bible Navigator X and read Jesus’ message from the mountainside and focus in on the part where he talks about loving your enemies.

Now you’ve got EVEN LESS excuses for not reading the bible! What do you think about this… seriously? Think it’ll fly?

Get a trial version for FREE
or full version for only $5 or 400 XBox Live pts

That’s totally cheap! Only $5 for the bible! You spend that much on a coffee at your local shop or renting a new game at Blockbuster.

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Bible Navigator X application

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