The Covenant

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oldwritingweb.jpgAt SendTheFire we love the beauty of poetry. Words are like art. Carefully crafted like in poetry they paint a beautiful picture.

Here’s some more word art (poetry) that was recently sent to us that we thought you’d enjoy. As you read the words and engage fully with your mind and emotions, it will speak to you.

Read, reflect then leave a comment below about the picture these words painted for you or the thoughts and emotions they stirred up.

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In Your gospels You speak of hope
Of surrender and supplication.
But my only sacrifice as of late
is of Your sustenance, that I dismiss as fate.
My soul deflates and my heart it waits
For a sign, for your subtle whisper
To sooth my sorrowed soul with it’s sweet song.
For your able hands to lift me high above the ruins
of my shattered, scrambled self
Open my eyes, My sufficient, reverent Savior.
I’m straining my ears, holding back tears
listening for that calm, tranquil voice, giving me the choice
To start fighting, or resume falling
Into the darkness and out of Your arms.
In Your gospels You speak of hope.

- Have you ever read the bible? If so, what themes jump out at you?
- What do you long and wait for in life?
- Do you look to God for help in your life? Why or why not?

Hey! Do you love writing poetry? Don’t hog your talent! Email us your creations and we’ll share your talent with the STF community by posting it too!

:: by Mahala Woodford currently of Nanaimo, BC

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