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The Vision And The Vow

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Vision and Vow

Book: The Vision And The Vow: Re-Discovering Life and Grace
Author: Pete Greig

I discovered this book in September 2008 during my Ignite training weeks. Pete Greig who started the 24-7 prayer movement writes it. It grabbed my attention because it has a cool design; you read it from both sides, from the front of the book to the middle and from the back cover to the middle. Also, at home in Germany I was always really interested in 24-7 prayer. There are a group of people at home who pray non-stop for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. My friends and I would often have whole days in prayer together. Because of this passion for prayer and that I felt this book would help me grow in my faith and character, I began my journey reading the book.

This book gave me a lot of insight of how to get nearer to God and challenged me to see situations in my life from a different viewpoint. Reading it was a daily journey for me, as it seemed each day I was strengthened. It was not an easy read because it was in English and I am from Germany and didn’t speak English really well so I really had to try hard. Because the book is filled with stories from Pete’s life, accounts from amazing people in ministry like Mother Teresa and impacting examples from the bible I found myself reading some chapters with great passion and I was drawn to keep on reading. I found his use of pictures, image, words and examples all teaching, challenging and growing me in my faith and character.

One lesson that really got to my heart was ‘trust’. In the bible, doubting Thomas needed to see the holes in Jesus’ sides and hands to believe it was really him alive again after being crucified and dying. Mother Teresa had to trust God daily to provide food, clothing, shoes and a roof over the head of her community of street children and the sick. Pete Greig has had to trust God through the situations of his life regarding his wife’s long-term illness and his family’s well-being.

I have learned that God is bigger than my mind can imagine and believe that I am not too broken of a person to be a believer in him and follower of Jesus. I’m learning to trust that God has a plan for my life, even if it seems to me to not be exactly as I thought it would be.

I think the main point of this book is that we have to take action and do something. It challenges you to make a covenant (agreement) with God and wake up and fully live. I want to live a God journey like this, following Jesus, trusting him and sacrificing my own ways.

24-7 Prayer Canada

:: by Heidi Weidauer currently of Toronto, Ontario
I’m a 19 year old member of the Ignite Team in an area of Toronto called Regent Park. I’m from a small town in Germany and my birthday is May 9th. Send birthday cards to: Heidi Weidauer, Ignite, 2nd Floor, Toronto, Ontario, M5A 3P1

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