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The Uprising: Blameless

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The Uprising - A Holy RevolutionWe continue our interactions about the book ‘The Uprising: A Holy Revolution’ that wrestles around with the idea of holy living (or living like Jesus). It’s a book that Canadian delegates attending The Salvation Army World Youth Convention – Raised Up – in Sweden July 15-18, 2010 are reading pre-trip.

Not going? That doesn’t matter! While these posts are geared for the participants, the conversation is open to all of you.

This conversation is based around the topic of blameless. Here are some questions to drive conversation based upon our reading.

  1. What things struck a chord with you when you were reading? Why did it stand out? What did it make you think?
  2. Discuss the difference between sin properly-so-called, and sin improperly-so-called. Do you get it?
  3. God commanded us to be holy, which we define, in part, as blamelessness. If he commands it, is it possible? What do you think & why?

Chime in with your comments below!

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