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Ever wished you could give the leader of The Salvation Army a piece of your mind. Maybe you’ve sat there before in at school, on the bus, at the skatepark, in Sunday school, youth group or a Sunday service thinking… “Wowzers, If I were running the show, I’d…”

Well, here’s your chance to act on that!
General Andre Cox (worldwide leader of The Salvation Army) is asking you to send him your thoughts via video so he can share them with leaders from around the world.

… and get this! He wants you to tell him what you really think not just what you think he’d want to hear (keep it respectful!)!

Youth aged 7-25yrs old are asked to share their opinions of the five questions below via video.


  1. Which activities do you most enjoy taking part in at The Salvation Army?
  2. What else could your corps (church) and your division do for you and your friends?
  3. What’s it like to be a young person in your corps? (e.g. Do you feel accepted and included? Are your views valued?)
  4. How would The Salvation Army have to change to become the church of your dreams?
  5. If you could say just one thing to the General, what would you want him to understand?

NOTE – each response should be no more than 20 seconds & total vid should be less than 90 seconds.

After you record your vid,
1. upload it to your own youtube channel OR
2. share the link to your video with the General on this web page –


upload your vid to STF’s Dropbox ( and we’ll post it on our Youtube channel then send the link to the General for you!

PS – If you are under 18 – or include under 18s in your video – please get permission from parents/guardians beforehand.

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  • Lt. Romero
    We are the Salvation Army
    We will do another one

  • SendTheFiredotca

    Nice job Mexico!
    We don’t know what you said but it sounded good!

    Tip – if you do another one, try making the music volume a bit lower so we can hear your voices better :)