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Pink Shirt Day 2014

[ February 26, 2014; ] Bullying stinks and it ruins the school years (elementary, middle, high and post-secondary) for tons of people every year.

Wear a pink shirt on February 26, 2014 and make some noise against bullying!

DATE: month February 26, 2014
LOCATION: all across Canada
COST: $nuthin
OPEN TO: everyone
MORE INFO: web | facebook | twitter


Pink Shirt Day 2013

[ February 27, 2013; ]

Being bullied makes the children and teens years so much harder than it already is. If you’ve ever been picked on, teased or bullied in some other fashion you know exactly what we’re talking about.

Let’s take a stand together this February and say ‘Stop!’

DATE: February 27, 2013
LOCATION: Everywhere across Canada
COST: zip
OPEN TO: everybody who’s been [...]


Show Me Your Battery(ies)


How common is sexting in your school?
Has anyone ever asked you for ‘exclusive pics?’ How did you respond & why?
What would you say to someone who is considering sending naked pics to their bf or gf?
What would you say to someone you knew who was asking their gf or bf for naked pics?

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Texting Overload – Cool or Not Cool

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FREEBIE Day 3 – Secret Survivor

Today’s gift is a great book called – Secret Survivors!
Read the compelling and true real life stories of people who have lived secret pain in their lives and have found healing, hope and have become overcomers. They’ve dealt with issues like:

Date rape
Physical abuse
Pornography addiction
Eating disorders
Drug & Alcohol addiction

As an added bonus freebie for [...]

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Pray For People Who Self-Harm

This topic has really been on my heart recently. Sometimes I think it slips people’s minds, and also their prayers. So I posted here to ask you all to pray for people who purposely hurt themselves in a desperate attempt to take the pain and emptiness away.
Please, pray for people who cut, burn, or [...]


Stolen Childhoods

[ June 14, 2011; ]
Our youth and children in North America are being exploited! Come join in conversation about the impact and attitudes toward this epidemic and how popular culture influences and reinforces those views. While the presenter comes from an American context, the situation is similar in most ‘developed’ nations worldwide.

Sexual exploitation is being normalized and [...]

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Resolution #5 – Dress PG-13

Even though we’re 8 weeks into a new year, we’re still encouraging you to change some aspects of your life and lifestyle this year. This fifth new year’s resolution for 2011 we are strongly encouraging you to be mindful of how you package and present your body for the world to see.
New Year’s Resolution #5 [...]

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Friendship To Die For

February is often referred to as the love month because of Valentines day. It’s mostly people who are married, living together or dating that celebrate Feb 14th right?! However, we think there are other ‘relationships’ that are totally worth celebrating and reflecting on, like FRIENDSHIPS!
Friendships are relationships that all of us have. Some of us [...]

Burning Question – Bullying

This month’s burning question relates to bullying.
Check out our video intro to the question below.

Share your thoughts and comments below. Remember to be respectful of others views and insights.
Burning Questions
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