iPhone App – Death Awaits

Death… it’ll happen to all of us. It even happened to Jesus the God man, ‘cept there was something a little different about his. This iPhone application let’s you in on his last hours of life. Walk his walk. Stop to take a peek at some key moments in his last 24 hrs. It might […]

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Stations of the Cross Reflections

HMMM What was that journey like for you? Share your insights and reflections using the comment form below. Here’s some questions that might help get you going. – What kinds of emotions or feelings were stirred up for you during this journey? – Which stations really impacted you? How did it impact you? Why? – […]

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Stations of The Cross

Stations are places you pause, wait, think and contemplate. Typically it’s where you might wait while you are on a journey from one place to another or going about your daily routine. This could include bus stops for school or transit. You might also find yourself waiting in a train station and airports are kinda […]

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Stn 14 – Jesus is Laid in The Tomb

READ IT Matthew 27:57-60 back | next

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Stn 13 – The Body of Jesus is Placed In The Arms of His Mother

READ IT Lamentations 2:11 back – next

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Stn 12 – Jesus Dies On The Cross

READ IT John 19:30 back | next

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Stn 11 – Jesus Is Nailed To The Cross

READ IT John 19:17-18 back | next

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Stn 10 – Jesus is Stripped of His Garments

READ IT Zechariah 12:10 back | next

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Stn 9 – Jesus Falls a Third Time

READ IT Lamentations 3:1-2 back | next

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Stn 8 – Jesus Meets the Women of Jerusalem

READ IT Luke23:27-28 back | next

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