Demon Kicking Prayer Guide

Wanna kick some Demon butt? This is a call to Modern Warfare… and we’re not talking videogames and C.O.D. We’re talking about the real deal – spiritual warfare. This spiritual prayer sheet will help you wage spiritual war stay grounded in the Word and fight with backup. *Save the .pdf to your phone for handy […]

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Ninja Nuns

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Demon Kicking Prayers

Movies like The Rite, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Constantine, The Haunting in Connecticut, The Eye, and The Messengers have all been Hollywood fare – The Rite being most recent – that have presented ideas of exorcisms, demons, spiritual warfare and the demonic realm to mainstream culture. Where do you sit on this whole idea […]

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FREE Modern Warfare Desktop

FRESH DESIGNS Our Modern Warfare promo stuff is done and it’s sick! Modern Warfare is the winning theme you voted for on STF as the theme for 2011 Youth Together events across Canada. If you want to make sure it’s used for your area, fire off a text mssg or email to let your local […]