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We Scare Hunger

What are you doing this Halloween? Forget about Bane, zombies, Black Widow, Gothic Fairytale Princess, Honey Boo Boo, Thor and the others.
Be a REAL HERO this season. The trick is to give the treat of food and a full cupboard to others this season. Check out this vid and plan to participate with your friends, [...]

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Heroes: 1800’s Abolitionist Trio

HERO: Bramwell Booth, W.T. Stead, & Rebecca Jarrett
Years Fighting: Varies
Hero ID: The Maiden Tribute Squad
Mission: Expose Injustice, Raise Awareness, Change Laws
Strength: Courageous, Self-Sacrificing, Champions
19th century London, England was no place for a picnic. Sure some people had picnics, but the reason The Salvation Army grew so rapidly in its inception was [...]

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Traffic Jam – Twenty Twelve

[ September 28, 2012 to September 30, 2012. ]
Join us for a weekend of focus (awareness raising, conversation, prayer and fasting) on the issue of sex trafficking.
T hink before you buy
R each out to youth
A dvocate for justice
F orm relationships with the vulnerable
F ight injustice
I magine a world without trafficking
C hampion prevention
K eep praying

DATE: September 28-30, 2012
LOCATION: around the world
COST: nuthin’ but time [...]

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Heroes: James Barker

HERO: James Barker
Years Fighting: 1850′s – 1901
Hero ID: The Colonel
Mission: Expose Injustice and Effect Social Reforms
Strength: Passion, Energy, Publicity, Creativity
James Barker grew up in the English town of Ipswich, but moved to London in his early twenties to work for the Oxford University Printing Press. While riding a double-decker bus he saw and heard an [...]

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Chicks and Chocolate

What will it be this Easter – chicks or chocolate? Be a freedom fighter and instead of pigging out on chocolate this Easter (which, let’s admit it, you really don’t need) why not ask for some ‘chicks’ and help out a family overseas this year?
Ask for chicks OR give chicks!
Resurrect hope and sustainability this Easter!
Order [...]

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24/7 Global Cry For Justice

[ February 14, 2012; ] Join us all year long to cry out to God in heaven for justice on behalf of the abused, impoverished, broken, messed up and exploited.

DATE: all year
LOCATION: everywhere
COST: time and energy
OPEN TO: everyone
MORE INFO: 24/7 Global Prayer

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R.A.W. 2012

Since 2005 teenagers have invaded the poorest postal code in Canada, home of The Salvation Army’s 614 Vancouver and The War College, with love, an open mind and have left the Downtown Eastside changed on the inside and motivated to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with their God in home towns and cities/communities. [...]

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FREEBIE Day 2 – Shoulder Bag

Today’s gift is a shoulder bag by Freeset.
By using this shoulder bag you’ll look good while carrying your school stuff PLUS help to alleviate poverty in developing nations and restore dignity to former prostituted women in India. How cool of a gift is that??!!
Tag yourself, like, comment or share this post [...]

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Dear Poverty

At SendTheFire we love the beauty of poetry. Words are like art. Carefully crafted like in poetry they paint a beautiful picture.
Here’s some word art (poetry) that we came across recently that we thought you’d enjoy. As you read the words and engage fully with your mind and emotions, it will speak to you. [...]

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Grounds Up – Love the Planet

The planet is our home. It (and the rest of creation in it) is a gift God gave us and asked us to steward which means take care of. How are you doing with that?
This video from the Just Youth gang in Newfoundland encourages you to stop, reflect and then gives you ideas for ways [...]


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