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5 Apps to Help You Love Mercy

We’re back to the apps! What’s your favourite app? Currently I’m back on Subway Surfer – I know, it’s really old, but I didn’t play it for ages, and now I’m just rediscovering it… I had to delete my last “favourite app” because I may have gotten slightly addicted to it. You can definitely have [...]

5 Apps to Help You Act Justly

How many apps do you have cluttering up your phone or tablet? 10? 50? 150?? Take a minute or two, and count them. I’ll wait.
(insert hold music here)
Okay, are you done? On my phone I have around 60, but half were already there when I bought it. There’s probably another 20 on my ipod.
Wikipedia, the [...]

Challenging Evil

Subtitle: Dispatches from the frontlines of Radical Justice
by S.Carvosso Gauntlett and Danielle Strickland
This is a shocking read of the brave and reckless daring of pioneer Salvation Army peeps who risked their lives and reputations to make a better world. Human trafficking extreme poverty gender inequality and other social evils spread like a darkness across the [...]


Heroes: Angel of Amsterdam

HERO: Alida Margaret Bosshardt
Years Fighting: 1913-2007
Hero ID: The Major & Angel of Amsterdam
Mission: Love the orphans, prostitutes, addicts and homeless
Strength: undercover work, stirring up media mania, loving the unloved
Alida Margaret Bosshardt was born in Utrecht, the Netherlands in 1913 and grew up as an ‘ordinary’ girl. Her parents ran a delicatessen shop and they lived [...]

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R.A.W. 2013 Happenings

This year, 614 Vancouver and The War College had the opportunity to partner with St. James Anglican church, the oldest church in Vancouver, BC situated in the heart of the Downtown Eastside, to host RAW 2013: Kingdom of God. RAW is a conference put on by The War College during spring break for Salvation Army [...]

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Ready and Willing 2013

[ March 17, 2013 to March 20, 2013. ]
The War College has hosted Ready and Willing (RAW) for the past eight years and we are inviting you once again to join us in a time of mission training, biblical teaching, worship and 24-7 prayer. Come to RAW with an open mind and a willing heart and leave formed into the likeness of [...]

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Justice Job & Intern Oppty’s

R-U a freedom fighter? Do you have a heart to stand up for the oppressed, poor and exploited? Are you particularly passionate about helping to stop Human Trafficking? If so, then there’s two SWEET opportunities for you to consider applying for.
IJM Canada is a human rights organization that secures justice for victims [...]

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Toxic Charity

Charity has become an unquestionable good in our society, but I believe that there are many times when the good of charity should be questioned. I first began questioning how our helping could be hurting when I saw a video (like the one below) from Dr. Robert Lupton, a ministry coordinator in Atlanta. I eventually [...]

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Recycled Orchestra

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Exodus Cry’s Abolition Summit

[ January 2, 2013 to January 4, 2013. ]

Abolitionists, freedom fighters, prayer warriors and social justice advocates convene for a weekend of prayer, worship in song, conversation, learning, inspiration and action about the issue of human sex trafficking.

DATE: January 2-4, 2013
LOCATION: Kansas City, Missouri
COST: varies
OPEN TO: all abolitionists, incurable fanatics & social justice advocates
MORE INFO: website


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