Jesus said – Be a Janitor?

I parked my vehicle and jumped out. “This is sweet,” I thought to myself. “I’ll get my paycheque deposited before I start work for the day.” As I round the front of my vehicle and step up on the curb my eyes see it. I couldn’t avoid seeing it because of its size and location. […]


I’ll Fight Day 2014

While women weep as they do now, I’ll fight; While little children go hungry, as they do now, I’ll fight; While men go to prison, in and out, in and out, I’ll fight; While there is a drunkard left, While there is a poor lost girl upon the streets, While there remains one dark soul […]


Hawaii – Serve’s Up!

Hey there! Have you ever been to Hawaii? I have! I’m part of the Living Sacrifice team that recently went to Oahu, Hawaii on a mission trip. Living Sacrifice is a mentoring and discipleship program for young Salvation Army people in the BC Division. It’s rooted in the scripture verse Romans 12:1-2 and we meet […]

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Heroes: Doughnut Girls

HEROES: Doughnut Girls years fighting: 1889-1984 (Helen) hero id: Doughnut Girls mission: be love, compassion & mercy in the midst of literal war strength: Courage, Hospitality, Compassion WARTIME ENLISTING Picture this… it’s Spring 1917 and America has just entered World War I fighting. Mud, bullets, explosions, blood, death and fear were all round. Into that […]

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iPhone App – Do Good

Imagine… wired and plugged in people all over the world doing THE SAME ACT OF SERVICE/KINDNESS on the same day… EVERYDAY of the year! Well, that’s what this application for your iTouch/iPod encourages you to do. It gives you an action to take everyday… for 365 days! A whole year’s worth of ideas to live […]

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I Am Your Servant

So, what is this whole service and serve others thing anyways? I mean we do hear of it from time to time in our culture. If you have worked at any fast food joint you would have been ‘fed’ many lines about the importance of customer service. Actually any business with customers will stress this. […]