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Know Your Camps #2

And here are the answers for last week’s pop quiz:

How many Salvation Army camps are there in Canada? There are ten SA camps currently in use, but The Salvation Army also still owns Camp Silver Birches in NL, which makes eleven.
Can you name all the SA camps in Canada? Camp Sunrise, Camp Mountainview, Pine Lake [...]

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Pray For Lac L’Achigan Staff ’13

Please join us in praying for L’Achigan camp staff this summer!
Joel, Amanda, Hanane, Jean-Mary, Tania, Anthony, Elissa, Robyn, David, Louis, Audreanne, Sarah, Esther, Tim, Krystel, Sonia, Sarah-Eve, Corinne, Stephanie, Skarleth, Gabriel, Betsa, Jose Marco, Gloire, Nathaniel, Bienvenu, Lance, Eliane, Louis, Matt & Rachel (Camp & Divisional leaders)
Prayer Card (carte de prière) – Francais [...]

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Pray for Lac L’Achigan Staff ’12

Please join us in praying for Lac L’Achigan staff this summer!
Brendan Montone, Amanda Pucell, Connor Wright, Khanthong Phouttama, Thi-Sen Phan, Yvon Pierre Sauve Felteau, Rebekah Barr, Julie Moreau, Robyn Purcell, Valerie Plante, Alex Francoeur, Esther Plante, Olivier Dagenais, Nathaniel Moreau, Tim Mawango Mounanga, Sarah Eve Moreau, Corrine Bataille, Stephanie Fournier, Sonia Champagne, Sara [...]

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