Dress to Fight Human Sex Trafficking

This podcast we catch up with 18 year old Freedom Fighter – Susan Koo who is dressing creatively in order to fight human sex trafficking! Her heart gripped with compassion for the exploited and anger welling up against the injustice of human sex trafficking, Susan decided to make her own grad dress this year and […]

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Podcast-Drugs Will Fry Your Brain?

Are you a pothead? Do you know one? How about an ‘E-tard’? This podcast we catch up with former pothead and e-tard but now youthworker and Salvation Army Soldier – Heather Storie! Listen to her story and be encouraged knowing another life is possible. One where the high is truly knowing Jesus Christ. As usual, […]

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Manafest Interview & Giveaway

This Podcast we caught up with Manafest in Vernon, BC while he was on tour. It was a casual conversation while we kicked back at a local youth worker’s house. This guy is the real deal. If you haven’t bought any of his music… you totally should. The new cd kicks! Find out more about […]

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Downhere Podcast & Giveaway!

STF’s Clint Houlbrook caught up recently with the boys from Downhere in Vernon, BC as they finished their cross Canada tour. Check out the podcast and enter to win a SIGNED t-shirt from the band! Find out more about Downhere at: www.Downhere.com PLAY Click the play button below to listen on your computer through your […]

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