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Day 8 – Dead Man Walking

There is a time for words, and a time for silence. A time to reflect, to dissect and understand, and a time just to stand and look. To behold.
Later comes thankfulness, the future and the promise. Thankfulness for this bruised reed not broken, this smouldering wick not snuffed out; that our fragile hopes have not [...]

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Day 6 – Finished

What’s the trick? What’s the secret? Who’s ready with the twist, the final reveal?
But there is no trick, no secret. This is it.
Where are the optimists among us? Who’s going to tell me it’s going to be okay? Where are the prophets, the wise men, the ones who can explain? Has anyone worked out what [...]

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Day 7 – Watch This Space

Now the freefall and the whirling darkness.
There can be no talk of the future here. Nor talk of the past. No talk at all. There is only falling.
You can’t pick yourself up if you haven’t hit the ground.
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Day 5 – Remember Me

It feels like the end, as though the hands have gripped, the muscles have tensed, and any second now the rug will be whipped out from under us all. I feel overshadowed, undermined.
I am afraid. I am afraid that my hopes were in vain, that everything will fall away and I will be left here [...]

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Day 4 – Uncharted Territory

It shouldn’t be this confusing. Everything is couched in vagueness, all the instructions are cryptic. I start out one way with confidence and a clear direction in mind, and always end up lost. Or not so much lost, just always travelling and never getting any closer. Always journeying and never arriving.
Wouldn’t it have been much [...]

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Day 3 – Beautiful Things

A gesture of love so extravagant, so over the top, so extraordinary. The audacity of it, something so valuable, so irreplaceable, dashed at Jesus feet – it’s just the sheer ‘all or nothing’ attitude of it all. There’s no going back; once it’s done it’s done.
So why do I feel uncomfortable?
Is it that I wouldn’t [...]

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Day 2 – Destroy This Temple

This isn’t what I expected. Give me the conquering hero, someone I can fight for, a man I can be proud to serve. Give me a movement to be part of, a rule to live by, a cause. Give me a mission, a challenge. But you ask me to die. This is not what I [...]

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Day 1 – Lay Down Your Cloak

Bring on the revolution! We’ve seen too many years of stagnation, resignation – a country occupied, a people oppressed, a faltering and compromised leadership locked in endless cycles of pointless debate. It’s time for action. Let’s turn some tables.
We’ve got a radical new hope, we’re coming through your gates, and there’s nothing you can do [...]

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Jesus Walks – Passion Week 2010

Happy Easter! Easter is about bunnies, chocolates and hunting for treats. It’s also about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. No matter what song you sing to, we’ve got a cool track for you to listen to for Easter 2010.
The last week leading up to Easter Sunday is commonly referred to in the Christian [...]

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Youth Event – Passion & Blood

[ April 2, 2010; 2:00 pm; ] This Easter join other youth to explore Jesus’ last twelve hours of life and his crucifixion. Come watch the movie The Passion of the Christ and then break into small groups for discussion about the issues portrayed in the movie.

*NOTE – for youth 17 & under a signed permission form is required to attend as [...]

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