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Children & Youth Co-ord – NF

Job Location: Paradise, Newfoundland
Who wouldn’t want to live and Paradise?! Plus, if you’re wired to work with youth and children, this opportunity couldn’t get any better. It’s… P-A-R-A-D-I-S-E! This church community is called Pathway and it’s a newer church start-up in The Salvation Army.
Contact Name: Danny Pinksen
Deadline: March 15, 2011
Child & Youth Coordinator – Paradise(doc; [...]

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Children/Youth Director – NF

Job Location: Springdale
Do you love working with children and teens? Help shape the spiritual journey of the children and teens in Springdale, NF as they navigate rural east coast living. You don’t have to go overseas to be a missionary, you can be a missionary right here in our own country in rural Newfoundland.
Contact Name: [...]

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Pray For Twin Ponds Staff 2010

Please pray for Twin Ponds staff this summer.
Shirley Watkinson, Ruby Goodyear, Florrie Collins, Michelle Vincent, Gwen Rideout-Camp director, Melvin Stockley, Barry Francis, David Cole-Program Director, Bridgette Abbott, Joshua Ivany, David Skeard, Philip Thorne, Tyson Verge, Dan Kelly, Nick Hillier, Nathan Ash, Rebecca Curlew, Janelle Colburine, Courtney Woodford, Jessica Butt, Meghan Fudge, Rachel Rideout, [...]

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Pray for Starrigan Staff 2010

Please pray for Camp Starrigan staff this summer.
Laura Ricks, Beth Rideout, Mike Cadigan, Stephanie Reid, Mike Pittman, Ajay Stokes, Joshy Holloway, Cody Higgins, James Mayo, Noah Brace, Fishy Crocker, tashy Keats, Caitlin Humby, Julia Budgell, Kayla George, Alannah Pike

overwhelming love for God and others
them to re:present Jesus well to co-workers & campers
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Youth Pastor – NF

Job Location: St. John’s, NF
Come pour into the lives of youth in St. John’s. In a world where love is conditional and is so fleeting, show them the unconditional love that only comes from Jesus.
Contact Name: David Braye
Contact Email: [email protected]
job description (.pdf 143 KB)
This post was submitted by Clint Houlbrook.

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Youth Together – Newfoundland

[ May 14, 2010 to May 16, 2010. ] More info & applications to come

DATE: May 14-16, 2010
LOCATION: Twin Ponds
COST: $tbd
OPEN TO: tbd


Advancing The Next Generation

Calling all Newfoundland Children and Youth Workers!
Carve out Sept 25-27, 2009 in your schedule for a provincial leadership training weekend!
Includes Red Cap Training, Pioneer Clubs Presentation, prayer space, panel discussion,
Clint Houlbrook – point-person and Youth Consultant for Canada & Bermuda
Valerie Barter – Youth Pastor and Sage @ St. John’s Temple
Denise Walker – Children [...]

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