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A Facebook Nativity Story

Merry Christmas everyone! May your soul be refreshed as you reflect on the events of a couple thousand years ago and the hope and peace it brings to our lives now!
May God’s peace, love and joy be with you this Christmas.
Clint and the team

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MythBusters – The Nativity Story

* re-posted from Christmas 2009 due to interest.
It’s the time of year where you see the the Nativity scene plastered all over the place. You’ve probably seen them on church and home lawns, on decorations and cards and up around town in stores. Depending on where you live, maybe you’ve checked out a live Nativity [...]

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A Social Media Nativity Story

Are you ready for Christmas? IMAGINE… what would the birth story of Jesus look like if it were to happen today? Here’s a pretty accurate version of how we think it’d go down given the role of technology today. Enjoy!
- What would you have commented on Joseph’s Facebook status update about being nervous for the [...]


Jesus – Teen Pregnancy & Refugee

What do you think of when you think of Jesus? Do you find you can relate to him or do you think Jesus the God man can relate to you? Can Jesus understand your life situation? Do you think he’s the God man and you and your life is all messed up so how could [...]

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Merry Christmas!

Sit back with a mug of apple cider or fair trade hot chocolate. Relax and play this vid. Watch it again but this time close your eyes. Let the message of Christmas sink deep into your soul. Merry Christmas to you all. We pray God’s blessing, protection and working in your life in greater ways [...]

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Strong Bad Retells Nativity Story

hahaha, This ain’t your usual Homestarrunner humour.
What a sweet (kinda accurate) story about THE greatest Christmas story!
- How’d you like the story? What do you think about the nativity story?
- Like the Wisemen & Shepherds, have you ‘discovered’ Jesus?
- What do you think about the gift Jesus offers us all; full and abundant life now [...]