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My Porn Story

My name is Matthew Caruk and porn ruined my life. There, I said it.
I’m 25 years old, happily married and my wife and I are now expecting our first child. I’ve been a part of The Salvation Army since the day I was born and when I turned fourteen I became a full, uniform [...]

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Abuse Stinks – Hope for Healing

I remembered the talks with my mom about what’s “right” and what’s “wrong.” I remembered those flash cards they showed at school about inappropriate touching. I knew that no meant no, but I didn’t think my step-dad was doing anything that required a no.
I also remember the first time. I was seven and like [...]

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I Miss You Mom

When I was a little kid, and my parents would go out, they’d always promise to be home at a certain time. My mom would kiss me on the forehead; tell me she loved me, and that she’d be home before I even noticed she was gone. I was a real worrier as a kid, [...]

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