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Heroes: Sarah Beaty

Heroes: Captain Sarah Beaty
Years Fighting: July 1865- 1889
Hero ID: Lady-Ranter
Mission: Share God’s word & love with the hardest on the street
Strength: Fearlessness, Compassion, Total Sacrifice
Sarah King grew up in London’s notorious East End, where alcoholism ravaged society. Few men worked and many bars had stairs up to their stools so children [...]

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Heroes: Eliza Shirley

HERO: Eliza Shirley
Years fighting: 1863-1932
Hero ID: Hallelujah Lassie
Mission: Pioneered The Salvation Army in the USA
Strength: Zeal, Self-starter, Courage, Risk-taker
At the age of 15, Eliza Shirley- a minister’s kid living in Coventry, England- saw The Salvation Army (TSA) march through town. She was especially impressed by the women (called ‘Hallelujah Lassies’) who preached on the [...]


Heroes: Doughnut Girls

HEROES: Doughnut Girls
years fighting: 1889-1984 (Helen)
hero id: Doughnut Girls
mission: be love, compassion & mercy in the midst of literal war
strength: Courage, Hospitality, Compassion
Picture this… it’s Spring 1917 and America has just entered World War I fighting. Mud, bullets, explosions, blood, death and fear were all round. Into that chaos and on the soil of [...]

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Heroes: Joe The Turk

years fighting: 1860-1937
hero id: Joe The Turk
mission: be novel, creative and do whatever it takes to attract attention to Jesus
strength: fearless
Joe’s original crib (literally his baby crib!) was in Turkey where he was born with the short, cool sounding and easy to pronounce name – Nishan Der Garabedian (ok, maybe not so [...]

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Heroes: Frederick Booth-Tucker

A year ago I discovered the TV series – Heroes. Some friends lent me season 1 dvd’s to check out. After the first episode I was hooked. It was mind blowing stuff! The mission – Save the cheerleader, save the world! I wanted to jump in and join the action. Much to my wife’s dismay, [...]

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YouthWorks – Missions Summer Staff

Job Location: Vancouver, Toronto or Thunder Bay; Canada
If you’re interested in working with numerous youth groups who are on missions and service trips in several cities in Canada then this is your dream job! You will be part of a team of young leaders who will host these groups and ensure a meaningful missional experience [...]

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What’s After High School?

Life after high school holds many possibilities. Do you work, go to post-secondary, travel or spend a year in a program designed to help you follow the ways of Jesus. Here’s a video about going to a Christian College or University.

More Info
CCU website – details & schedule on their Canada-wide information tour in October. Check [...]

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Haiti Revisited & Reflections

*See video journal 2 and 3 here
In May 2007 (and again in 2008), an adventurous crew of SendTheFire friends from Ontario Great Lakes area packed up their gear and went to Petit-Goave, Haiti. They made video journals for us to ‘ride along’ with them on the adventure. This video and links above are to these [...]


Unlock Your Mission

[ March 5, 2010 to March 7, 2010. ]

Unlock Your Mission – should you choose to accept it.

Are you wanting a deeper connection with God, do you long to serve Him but just aren’t sure how? Are you looking for a meaningful opportunity to be involved? This is the weekend for you! Here in Saskatchewan we are developing a youth mission team (are [...]

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Life @ Camp – Week 5

We carry on with our weekly posts this summer from ‘Peaches’, a staff member at Camp Mountainview in the Northern part of BC who gives us a glimpse into the world of working at summer camp.
Well this week was not my favorite week as I actually almost went home because of frustrations amongst [...]

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