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MAGA 2016 – Maritimes

[ August 6, 2016 to August 13, 2016. ] Music and Gospel Arts camp applications are OPEN! We’d love to see you there :)
Earlybird applications receive a $20 discount, so download a form and get it in today!
DATE: August 6-13, 2016
LOCATION: Scotian Glen Camp
COST: Earlybird $210; regular $230 (Earlybird fees must be received before June 1)
OPEN TO: Campers must have reached their 7th birthday (or be entering grade 2) [...]

Who’s feeling creative?

There have always been creative people in The Salvation Army. Musicians, playwrights, artists and authors. Evangelists who preached from coffins, shoe salesmen with glowing umbrellas – the list goes on. Did you know The Salvation Army ran one of the world’s first movie studios? True story!
What about you? Do you have any artistic talents – [...]

Maritimes Winter Retreat 2014

[ February 28, 2014 to March 2, 2014. ] How’s your soul? Is it awake? If not, what would it take to awake your soul? When it’s awake, what would your life look like?

Come join your peers from across the Maritimes to explore these questions and have fun, pray, sing and dance while doing it.

DATE: February 28 – March 2, 2014
COST: $115
OPEN [...]


Pray For Scotian Glen Staff ’13

Please join us in praying for Scotian Glen camp staff this summer!
Jerome, Barb, Brittany, Taylor, Frances, Courtney, Lorraine, Wayne, Kelsey, Taylor, Breasa, Amelia, Cody, Devon Russell, Crystal, Ida, Donalda, Christina, Elizabeth, Sarah, Maryann, Jesse, Laura, Haylee, Abby, Jennaka, Amy, Maggie, Cameron, Mitchell, Olivier, Isaiah, Neil, Alex, Ben, Justin, Daniel, Morgan & Lisa Hillier [...]

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Download – Maritimes Youth Retreat

[ March 8, 2013 to March 10, 2013. ] It seems like we’re constantly wired, plugged in, having screen time and listening to/watching/processing ads and messages all day long. How are you processing that info about who you are and how to live your life? What filters are you using if any? Do you even know that you’re doing it? This weekend we’ll explore [...]

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Rebelution – Maritimes Yth Rtrt 2012

Plan to be a part of this gathering of the Maritimes tribe as they come together to discuss the term rebel and encourage a ‘rebelution’!
DATE: October 12-14, 2012
LOCATION: Scotian Glen Camp
COST: $90
OPEN TO: 12-30 yr olds
DEADLINE: October 3, 2012
(To Download: right click & select ‘save as’ or ‘save link as’)

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Pray for Scotian Glen Staff ’12

Please join us in praying for Scotian Glen staff this summer.
Kristie Burton, Thomas Marsh, Kayla George, Allan Rowe, Amy Parlee, Frances Martin, Brittany Pye, Linnea Dean, Lindsey Bartlett, Maggie Roy, Abby Nash, Hana Kernenbach, Haylee Kelly, Justen Gough, Daniel Shriver, Taylor Burton, Mitchell Cassie, Alex McNeilly, Ben McNeilly, Kyle McCaughan, Maryann Bulger, Amelia [...]

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Modern Warfare – Maritimes Retreat

[ October 14, 2011 to October 16, 2011. ] Come join us as we gather the tribe from across the Maritimes for our annual youth retreat. This year we’re exploring the topic of Spiritual Warfare with our theme – Modern Warfare!

DATE: October 14-16, 2011
LOCATION: Scotian Glenn Camp
COST: $90 (taxes included)
OPEN TO: 12-30 yr olds

(To Download: right click & select ‘save as’ or [...]

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Rock Out At Music Camp 2010

[ July 31, 2010 to August 7, 2010. ] Come make some noise this summer while enjoying fun in community with friends and growing in your faith!

DATE: July 31-Aug 7, 2010
LOCATION: Scotian Glen Camp
COST: $200 before May 31; $220 after May 31
OPEN TO: 7 to 18 yrs old

APPLICATIONS: Faculty & Counselor (111kb); Camper (143kb)
(To Download: right click & select ‘save as’ or [...]

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