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God… My Father?

BURNING QUESTION: How can you see God as your father when your earthly father has failed you?
This is a great question. The bible uses ‘Father’ when referencing God. Many people (and this may include you or someone you know) have had biological dad’s that have abused them or removed themselves from their lives or had [...]

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Does God Exist?

This month’s burning question relates to faith and is a pretty foundational question that all humans contemplate about existence. Check out this video intro to the question – Does God Exist?

We know as young people you all have deep questions about faith and religion and we want to help you be able to openly [...]

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God Is Not A White Man


Free Web Seminar – Does God Exist?

[ May 25, 2010; ] Have you ever wondered if God really exists? And if he did, how would you know?

Excellent questions! If that’s ever crossed your mind, we’ve got someone you can ask that question to! In fact, you can sit in on a live online web conversation along with tons of others your age across the world with [...]