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Gifts of Hope 2013

It’s better to give AND receive!
This year give AND receive a gift via the Gifts of Hope program and you’re guaranteed to make a huge and lasting difference in the lives of some of the most overlooked and marginalized people in the developing world!
Each Gifts of Hope item has been carefully chosen to compliment the [...]

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Rethinking Christmas

If you walked up to a random person on the street and started a conversation about Christmas, you would almost certainly spend your time talking about gifts, food, Santa, music, etc. If you had a conversation with someone you knew was a Christian about Christmas, if you were like me you would probably talk about [...]


Gifts of Hope 2011

TBH… We all have more stuff than we really need(you included). Instead of getting more stuff this Christmas that we don’t need or giving gifts to others that they don’t really need, let’s be counter-cultural! Instead, let’s ask for a gift for yourself that’s not for you or give others a gift that’s not really [...]

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Gifts That Don’t Suck or Bite

Man, it seems that “everyone” is going ga-ga over those blood sucking and neck biting vampires lately. People can’t get enough talking about the Twilight series and the New Moon movie that’s coming out in November but that’s not what we are talking about.
Have you ever gotten a gift for Christmas that ‘sucked’ (read also [...]

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