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Miley Cyrus, What R-U Smoking?

Miley, Miley, Miley…
Girlfriend, what are you doing? Many of you may have caught wind of Miley’s recent recreational habits on the news or online this past weekend. She was reportedly caught on video smoking Salvia from a bong during a house party in her L.A. home shortly following her 18th birthday on November 23. The [...]


Podcast-Drugs Will Fry Your Brain?

Are you a pothead? Do you know one? How about an ‘E-tard’?
This podcast we catch up with former pothead and e-tard but now youthworker and Salvation Army Soldier – Heather Storie! Listen to her story and be encouraged knowing another life is possible. One where the high is truly knowing Jesus Christ.
As usual, drop us [...]

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Amazing Grace Saved a Crackhead


What do you think about this video?
Do you believe it?
What’s your ‘thing’? Porn, crack, E, meth, weed, coke, ‘shrooms, lust, smoking, beer, alcohol, cutting, car hopping, stealing…
Is grace so amazing it can save you from your stuff too? Why or why not?
Check out Ephesians 2:1-10 (NLT)
Do you want to be free from your baggage and [...]


Peter – couch surfing & homeless

It’s about survival. Homeless youth are rarely on the streets by choice. They are typically there because of circumstances. Peter Lewis, 26, discovered that sleeping on the streets, in tents, emergency shelters or on friends’ couches was a solution to an unstable family situation. For four years he had no permanent address. When Peter had [...]

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