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What’s Your Prayer Style?

For some people, conversation comes naturally. With little effort, they can talk for hours to almost anyone. You probably know someone like this. The person who can chat with total strangers in line ups or gets into a discussion with great uncle what’s-his-name at family gatherings over the vegetable platter. Certain people [...]

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Earth: There’s Only One – 800×600 | 1024×768 | 1440×900

Earth: Loving the planet = Loving People
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WTB! (What The Bible)

God has and is always trying to reveal himself to us. He does that through creation – go out tonight and check out the stars (God of the telescope) or check out one of those CSI type TV shows and notice the complexity of the human body (God of the microscope). He also speaks through [...]

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Start a Rockband™ – Change the World!

As I gaze through the crowd of mostly teens and young adults my eyes lock on the band that’s rockin’ out! One of them has a pink feather boa wrapped around his neck, large white sunglasses and a pink fedora style cap. His other band mate looks like a cross between Slash and Axl Rose [...]

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Human Trafficking

Every year more than 2.5 million people are trafficked around the world for sexual purposes or cheap labour. It’s estimated that there are currently 27 million slaves today – that’s more than the height of the African slave trade. Who is it that’s being enslaved? Approximately 50% of these victims are women and [...]

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