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Bittersweet Easter 2014

mmmmm, Chocolate is so tasty! There’s chocolate fountains, factories, rivers, sculptures, eggs, rabbits…
Easter’s coming up quickly and it is frequently celebrated by many with chocolate in all sorts of shapes and sizes.
Few people realize that child slave labour is used in harvesting cocoa to make the chocolate we eat. Fewer people are willing to take [...]

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Chicks and Chocolate

What will it be this Easter – chicks or chocolate? Be a freedom fighter and instead of pigging out on chocolate this Easter (which, let’s admit it, you really don’t need) why not ask for some ‘chicks’ and help out a family overseas this year?
Ask for chicks OR give chicks!
Resurrect hope and sustainability this Easter!
Order [...]

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Nestle – Listen Up This Easter!

Spread the word & egg on your family & friends to demand that Nestlé use traffick free chocolate in all their products. Together let’s ask them, “What comes first, the Children or the egg?”
Thanks to Stop The Traffik’s campaign and worldwide consumer power, last year Nestlé gave the UK one Fair Trade chocolate [...]

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